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" I wanted to be noticed, and the way I lived and do live has a desperate neurosis about it because of that. All humans need a degree of attention. Some people get it at the right time, when they are 13 or 14, people get loved at the right stages. If this doesn’t happen, if the love isn’t there, you can quite easily just fade away. … In a sense I always felt that being troubled as a teenager was par for the course. I wasn’t sure that I was dramatically unique. I knew other people who were at the time desperate and suicidal. They despised life and detested all other living people. In a way that made me feel a little bit secure. Because I thought, well, maybe I’m not so intense after all. Of course, I was. I despised practically everything about human life, which does limit one’s weekend activities. "

— Morrissey interview by Paul Morley (April 1988)

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Well I wonder
Do you see me when we pass?
I half die
Please keep me in mind

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